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Getting Results With Facebook Ads.
"The ability to create an effective Facebook Ad can be the difference between failure and success– take advantage of my FREE training series to make sure you are on the right side of Success!"
Struggling with Facebook Ads? Check out these lectures to get you started on the right path!
Facebook Ads
What You'll Learn In This FREE Training Class!
LECTURE #1: Building Audiences
- Campaign Testing
- Creating Interest Groups, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences
- First Steps to the Campaign
Creating Facebook Ads
- Conversion Ads
- PPE Ads (Engagement)
- Lead Ads
- Link Posts | Video Posts | Photo Posts
LECTURE #3: Scaling Ads & Retargeting
Once you determine the most effective audiences you'll want to know how to scale your ads for the highest ROI possible. We will cover steps to take to scale your ads!
Course Content
-Over 55+ Lectures (20 hours of Video). number of documents and templates.

-Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Building Facebook Ads, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Google My Business, Facebook Business/Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel, Analytics, Hootsuite or Buffer, and just about ANYTHING else you can think of.)

-Web Development and Design (How to build a website, website hosting, Domains, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Shopify, Teachable, Google Analytics, Email integration and tons more)

-SEO: Search Engine Optimization (On-Site, Off-Site, Modern SEO, Listing and Review Site Management, Content Marketing, Search Engine Rankings, Tools and Software to use)

-Email Marketing (Software & Platforms to use, how to create drip campaigns, email automation, list building, creating email content, and more)

-Outsourcing (Using Outsourcing Sites, Effectively Training your Virtual Assitant, and How to Shop for a VA)

-PPC: Pay-Per-Click (Building ad campaigns on the Google ad network, tools, and software to use, best practices, integration with funnel/landing page builders, analytics, optimization)

-Creating Fresh Content

-Business Setup

-Finding Clients and Getting Sales

-Marketing Strategy

-Business Operations Daily/Monthly

-White-Label Prodcuts to Partner With

-Business Resources

-New Lectures are still being added every week!
Jordan Steen
After attending Georgia Southern University for Business Administration & Marketing/Sales I accepted a job at First Coast News in Jacksonville, FL, where I managed Digital Marketing Campaigns with ad spends ranging from $50,000-$250,000 annually.
Since then I have worked continuously to expand my understanding of modern marketing strategies and Digital Marketing. I have completed several training courses in PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Web Development and have recently finished the Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Course. I've spent over $75,000 on Digital Marketing education and this is my way to pass on the BEST information that I have picked up from my experiences. I hope that this course is able to push you in the right direction!
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